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chemical reps to be utilized: 10% heptyl (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) water solution, heptyl (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine) vapour with 0.8 to 1.0 kg/m3 concentration, 10% azotic (nitric) acid water treatment, azotic (nitric) acid vapour with emphasis as much as 1.1 kg/m3; 2. neutralization approach: thermal degeneration; C to +1200? C; 5. inlet stress and anxiety: as high as […]
Tanque Capacidade mínima: 500L Provido de estrutura de suporte Válvulas Indicador de nível de tanque Funil Filtro de impurezas na boca do tanque     comprising of, as a minimum, electronic ignition and all necessary interlocks and safety devices to provide safe   operation. The chamber and burner shall be designed to maintain a minimum […]
medical waste incinerator china, Design, supply and manufacture ex works of one Surefire Manual Load TS50/1 Medical/General waste incinerator as detailed below: – ·         Waste type: Mixed type o,1,2,3,&4 hospital/clinical bio hazard waste ·         Waste density: 125 to 350Kg/M3 ·         Waste CV: 4000 KCAL/kg ·         Moisture content: 10-25% ·         Estimated ash residue: 5-10% ·         Nominal […]
chamber and burner shall be designed to maintain a minimum combustion temperature of at least 760 to 870 C   (1400 to 1600 F). The ash-removal system shall consist of the automatic continuous removal of the ash into an ashquench   pit where cooled by water and removed by conveyor.   Secondary combustion chamber shall […]
In a simple design with a metal steel drum electric. including: A cage for receipt of biomedical waste; A combustion chamber with fireplace with a filter to retain ashes; A cover; An air supply; A turbine  allowing the supply of the air. Combustion temperature: 1800 ° C. Compliance with European standards. Comes with all necessary […]
Doors The doors shall be hinged on the right hand side and can be easily opened and closed. All doors shall be manually operated. Incinerator shall NOT incorporate automatic doors. All doors should be internally lined with pre-determined thickness insulation and refractory cement.   Stack The stack shall be fabricated from pre-determined thickness stainless steel […]
medical waste incinerator: medical waste and general waste Capacity to burn waste: 400 — 500 kg/hr Fuel: Diesel Fuel Consumption: 10 litres/hr maximum Incineration temperature: 950 – 1300 °c Casing: thick (min 5 mm) Stainless steel casing and fully insulated to withstand sea humidity Voltage: 220/240 V or 380/415V Frequency: 50 Hz Feeding: automatic Ash […]
Finish All equipment shall be painted with a coat of zinc rich primer and two coats of high temperature heat resistant polyurethane type paint. All painted surfaces shall be prepared by either steel shot cleaning or sand blasting.   Identification and Name Plates Identification and name plates containing the manufacturer’s name, model number, serial number, […]