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Patients for this debilitating virus create 440 gallons of medical waste daily, such as instruments, gowns, gloves, body fluids, linens, sheets and more. That is a considerable amount of medical waste in any circumstance, but it is particularly daunting in this situation because it ought to be disposed extremely carefully, to avoid the chance of […]
ADJUMANI. For the past four months, support staff in the hospital have been dumping medical waste within the enclosure of the incinerator rather than burning it. The hospital administrator, Mr Michael Ojja, told Daily Monitor on Wednesday the incinerator resigned because of continuous burning of collected waste from the hospital. “The waste has grown due […]
Les patients atteints de ce virus débilitant produisent quotidiennement 440 gallons de déchets médicaux, y compris des instruments, des blouses, des gants, des liquides organiques, des draps, des matelas et plus encore. C’est une quantité importante de déchets médicaux dans n’importe quelle situation, mais c’est particulièrement décourageant dans ce cas, car il doit être éliminé […]
Medical waste is posing a growing problem all over the world, jeopardizing the health of staff, patients, disposal workers and anyone else coming into contact with the often hazardous materials discarded by hospitals and other healthcare sites. Hospital waste varies from site to site and the biggest challenge is to dispose of this wide range […]