Day: June 25, 2021

Базовая информация. Номер модели: установка для сжигания медицинских отходов Экспортные рынки: глобальный описание продукта Наша история Компания Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co., Ltd. является ведущим производителем мусоросжигательных установок в Китае. Заводская мастерская расположена в зоне экономического развития Люхэ, пригород Нанкина, а бизнес-офис – в центре города. В настоящее время рынок продуктов линии для сжигания охватывает […]
medical waste 实时更新 ⋅ 2021年6月25日 新闻 Regional control rooms to monitor vac drive's biomed waste disposal Times of India Around 69 lakh kg medical waste was disposed of through 13 common biomedical waste treatment facilities. The disposal of remaining 3 lakh kg of … 标记为不相关 Global Household Medical Waste Disposal Market Top Players By 2026: MedPro, […]
incinerator 实时更新 ⋅ 2021年6月25日 新闻 Inceneritore vendite Thermal Mercato Outlook 2021 Strategia dei prezzi, Industria Ultime notizie … Merate Edizione Il mercato globale Incinerator termica è segmentato dalla società, regione (paese), per tipo, e per applicazione. I giocatori, le parti interessate, e gli altri … 标记为不相关 查看更多结果 | 修改此快讯 您收到此电子邮件是因为您订阅了Google快讯。 退订 | 查看您所有的快讯 以RSS Feed的形式接收此快讯 发送反馈
2019년 5월 22일 산업 뉴스 213 조회수 자동 롤러 셔터 필터 는 많은 전자 공장, 제약 공장 및 하수 처리장의 외부 공기 시스템에서 큰 먼지 입자에 대한 주요 프리 필터가되었습니다.청결도 향상, 백엔드 장비 보호 및 고급 필터의 수명을 연장합니다.좋은 도구입니다. 그러나 많은 기업들이 자동 감기 필터를 선택하는 과정에서 여러 가지 오해에 빠지게 될 것입니다.여기에서 Nanjing […]
medical waste 实时更新 ⋅ 2021年6月25日 新闻 Medical Waste Management Market Latest Technology Advancements, Demand and Growth … KSU | The Sentinel Newspaper Our expert analysts studied the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Medical Waste Management Market. Besides, drivers, restraints, challenges, … 标记为不相关 查看更多结果 | 修改此快讯 您收到此电子邮件是因为您订阅了Google快讯。 退订 | 查看您所有的快讯 以RSS Feed的形式接收此快讯 发送反馈
18 Se requiere suministro eléctrico trifásico 19 Combustible auxiliar Diesel o parafina 20 Quemador primario 21 Quemador secundario (después) 22 Tipo de quemadores Chorro de presión automático 23 Salida primaria Aproximadamente 600000 kJ / hora 24 salidas secundarias Aproximadamente 750 000 kJ / hora 25 Control de emisiones Pantalla refractaria calentada Rejilla del supresor de […]
Mobile Diesel Fired  Incinerator in container,  supplied with the following specifications: complete with constant ventilation fans for extraction,  factory installed inside one 20ft ISO container complete with lighting, ventilation fan, fire security, 3 access doors, and a 1200 litre fuel tank complete with a piping.  Fully containerised mobile  waste management solution for medical, animal, and industrial waste applications. Installed in Container (ISO) : 20” or its nearest equivalent model “ Tender Technical Specification Destruction rate of 50kg/hr Hot Hearth Principle Refractory insulation: a. Silicon carbide floor b. Minimum 22mm insulation thickness c. Brick lined Refractory insulation d. Three layers of refractory insulation e. Temperature Rating 1650 deg.C f. 42% alumina fire bricks Primary Chamber: a. 120Kw Burner  b. Dedicated independent fan system, damper controlled.  c. Thermostatic Sensor  d. Dimensions – 700mm x 700mm x g00mm e. Square Chamber with curved floor for liquid centralization Hot Hearth Chamber: a. 120Kw Burner b. Thermostatic Sensor  c. Minimum Temperature of 1100 deg.C as per WHO guidelines.  d. Two second retention time – Proven with CFD modeling. Steel Construction: a. constructed from 8mm & 1Omm steer plate  b. Painted two pack paint system, red with black flashing Control Panels: a. Door dimensions 700mm x 700mm b. Front mounted ash collection box. Control Panels: a. AiController b. Plug and play  c. Threezone monitoring of: i)Primary chamber               ii) Secondary chamber               iii) Hot hearth d. Digital display e. Burner on-off indication lights  f. Timer Chimney: a. Mild steel painted red b. Refractory insulated with 50mm of insulation. Unit Dimensions: 1840mm x 1 ‘1 50mm x 1950mm high. Safety: a. Burner door cut-off switches b. Fire valve fitted to fuel system  c. Maximum noise at 1m x g0 decibels  d. Exterior temperature 70 deg.C Max
medical waste 实时更新 ⋅ 2021年6月25日 新闻 Latest Research on Medical Waste Management Market 2021: Comprehensive study by key … New Mexico Tribune The Medical Waste Management market report shows the competitive scenario of the major market players dependent on the sales income, client … Medical Waste Management Market 2021 by Top Key Players, Types, Applications and […]
May 13, 2019 Air purification equipment 583 views Product Introduction The clean workbench is a purification equipment that is set in a clean room or outdoors, and can maintain a high degree of cleanliness on the workbench according to the requirements of the use environment   working principle: The air flow passes through the HEPA […]
Norfolk County Council voted by 48 votes to 30 to complete the contract to the proposed incinerator at Saddlebow at an extraordinary meeting in April. Council officers had stated that, due to delays in securing planning permission, the controversial project no longer provided good value for money, and councillors agreed to ditch it. That included […]