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100 Kg/Hr Bio-Medical Waste Incinerator, wet scrubber/spary tower optional. 2 combustion chambers, italy burner, APO function, PLC auto control system incinerator Incinerator Items/ModelHICLOVER TS100(PLC) Burn Rate (Average)100-150 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average)200kg/feeding Control ModePLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber1200Liters(1.2m3) Internal Dimensions120x100x100cm Secondary Chamber600L Smoke Filter ChamberYes Feed ModeManual Voltage220V Power0.7Kw Burner TypeItaly Brand Oil Consumption (kg/hour)16 N.Gas Consumption […]
Diesel Biogas Dual Chamber Incinerator, with diesel oil and Biogas burner Incinerator Items/ModelHICLOVER TS50 Burn Rate (Average)50 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average)100kg/feeding Control ModePLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber560L Internal Dimensions100x80x70cm Secondary Chamber280L Smoke Filter ChamberYes Dual chamber up to 50 kg per hour semi-automatic Independent control of primary and secondary temperatures via control panel 850 -1100 C […]
Medical waste, disposable syringes, infusion sets processing, cotton yarn, the operating room, the residual limb, waste rubber gloves, protective clothing and infectious and harm venereal hospital bed supplies, general wastes Hight Temperature Flue Gas Analysis Instrument, O2/CO/NO/NO2 parameter Incinerator Items/ModelHICLOVER TS10(PLC) Burn Rate (Average)10-20 kg/hour Feed Capacity(Average)20kg/feeding Control ModePLC Automatic Primary Combustion Chamber100L Internal Dimensions50x50x40cm […]