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INCINERATOR DESCRIPTION The Model is for up to 300kgs ability per batch tons as well as will certainly shed at around 55kgs per hour. The unit has leading packing style and has a strong refractory concrete lining for optimum heat retention. Device have large leading cover for very easy loading, as well as specifically designed […]
GOODS:  ONE INCINERATORS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE   SUPPLIER’     REQUIREMENT     S OWN             PROPOSED                         SPECIFICA             TION/               CONFIRM         […]
Incinerator model A. Burn Rate 65kg/h minimum. Weight (kg), please suggest:. Secondary Chamber. Gas Retention Time – – 2 Seconds. Fuel – Diesel/LPG/LNG, please suggest. Power Supply for – Control Box – 220V-240V 50Hz single phase. Minimum operating temperature level 850 ° C, please suggest. One year Spare Components Package for complete maintainability. 10m Pipe […]
Primary chamber: Heavy duty mild steel casing, High quality Refractory lining and insulation 01 x natural gas ignition burners (automatic)  01 x temperature sensor points with complete internal fans. Secondary Chamber: Heavy duty mild steel casing, high quality refractory lining and insulation 01 x natural gas burners (automatic) with complete 01 internal fans. 02 Sec gas residence times. Third Chamber: Heavy duty mild steel casing, high quality refractory lining and insulation 01 x natural gas ignition burners (automatic) with complete internal fans. 02 Sec gas residence time. Integrated dual flu gas washer: Resultant gasses passed through dual gas filtration system for maximum clean emission. It is also equipped with chain filters. Chimney: Heavy duty 5mm or more stainless steel casing mild steel casing. Stack cap/spark arrestors. Control Panel: a.Temperature Monitoring with 4 digit display. b.Thermostat control device for burner (fuel saver) c.Temperature control 0-12 hours. d.Integral fan timer control
We pursue a sustainable growth consequently we are adopting a lasting medical waste monitoring system, that includes constructing a modern-day lasting incinerator that will not only cater for our facility yet also for the various other centers in the bigger location of the area. We realize that we require a contemporary burner that will certainly […]
Model A1500 (customer made design) Interior Measurements 150 x 100 x 96cm Suitable For Family Pet Feline – – – – yes – Pet pet dog – yes – Pig – yes Cow – no Secret Thing Listing Primary Combustion Chamber Second Burning Chamber Mix-Combustion Chamber Damp Scrubber( Laundering Tower)( Optional Part) Incinerator Control Circumstance […]
The incinerator will have chimney, castable top quality refractory cellular lining as well as burner shell, perforated blind for the main as well as additional combustion chambers and air blood circulation system. The burner shall likewise have the following:-. – Ash door. – Primary as well as secondary heaters and also fans. – Temperature level […]
(G) Technical Specifications of Spore tester Features and Specifications : It is an auto reader for Bacillus Stearothermophilus to test the spore discharge after treatment (sterilization) of the waste. should be a very Accurate, reliable and easy-to-use units for reading rapid readout biological indicators (RRBI) for steam sterilizer Automatically reads indicator results. There should be […]
A flue chimney, 15,000 mm lengthy and 560mm diameter will be constructed from steel sheet, full with lagging, damper and also rain water defense cone. The chimney will be lined with castable grade diatomaceous concrete blended with high alumina cement according to BS 4076: 1989. The damper will certainly regulate the closing of the door […]
a DUCK farm incinerator, we require to purchase a tool size incinerator for organic waste, even more certain DUCKS.a pet dog crematorium in ireland.Equipment Dual chamber clinical infectious waste burner Capability 10-30 kg per hr Characteristics of waste Mostly syringes and needles from immunization routine and project activities. The list below average features are thought […]