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Medium sized incinerator hiclover    Uncategorized    March 1, 2022  |  0 Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Tel: +86-13813931455(WhatsApp) Website: www.hiclover.com Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Add: Gangjia Zhihui Industrial Area, Xin Gangwan Rd. Liuhe, Nanjing, China 211500 HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, with ISO9001/CE Certification. Auto. Control Waste Incinerator & Auto. Roll Air Filter(Air Purification) […]
Medical Waste Management System hiclover    Uncategorized    March 1, 2022  |  0 Items/Model TS50(PLC) Picture Principle Medical Waste Incineration  Burn Rate 50-100 kg/hour Control Mode PLC(Programmable Logic Controller Incinerator) Combustion Chamber 560L Internal Dimensions 100x80x70cm Secondary Chamber 280L Smoke Filter Chamber Gas Flue Washing System incineration of medical waste Feed Mode Manual Voltage 220V Power 4.0 […]