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Patients for this debilitating virus create 440 gallons of medical waste daily, such as instruments, gowns, gloves, body fluids, linens, sheets and more. That is a considerable amount of medical waste in any circumstance, but it is particularly daunting in this situation because it ought to be disposed extremely carefully, to avoid the chance of […]
Veolia is looking to supply non-recyclable commercial and industrial waste for its Newhaven Incinerator from regions neighbouring East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. It asserts this will permit the incinerator to create sufficient energy to power 25,000 homes always. However, cllr Rod Main from Newhaven said this could lead to more pollution and trucks. Veolia […]
Metro Vancouver is taking more heat over its strategy to build another garbage incinerator, with a new study commissioned by waste firm Belkorp Environmental Services suggesting the move could cost up to $1.3 billion more than expected. The analysis, conducted by ICF International on behalf of Belkorp, comes as Metro Vancouver attempts to take care […]