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Newsletter – incinerator hiclover    Uncategorized    March 2, 2022  |  0 incinerator Medical Waste Incinerators ⋅ 2021年1月16日 www.imcha.net Hospital incinerator should be moved Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Tel: +86-13813931455(WhatsApp) Website: www.hiclover.com Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Add: Gangjia Zhihui Industrial Area, Xin Gangwan Rd. Liuhe, Nanjing, China 211500 HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, with […]
Phone: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)Website: http://www.hiclover.com/  Email: [email protected]Email: [email protected]   Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. ● Double Combustion Chambers All waste incinerator design with double combustion chamber. High Temperature, Smoke Treatment,No black smoke, Environmentally friendly.  ● Containerized Mobile Incinerators The incinerator mounted in ISO Container before leave factory, free-installation, no incineration house build construction,movable by truck.  ● Family Pets Dog&Cat Cremation Special design with movable platform, […]
HICLOVER Solution for Fighting COVID-19, Medical Waste Incinerator Tel:  +86-25-8461 0201    Mobile: +86-13813931455(whatsapp/wechat)Website: http://www.hiclover.com/  Email: [email protected]Email: [email protected]   Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd. Thing Serie No. Part Name Packing List 1# Incinerator Mainbody   2# Oil Tank(Deposit)   3# Oil Tank(Daily)   4# Chimney(Vertical,High Temperature)   5# Chimney(Horizontal,High Temperature)   6# Wet Scrubber   7# Chimney(S shape)   8# Chimney(Below)   9# Chimney(Top) Hospital Incinerators for Medical […]
We are china incinerator manufacturer, contractor and exporter. Manufacturers create reasonable price for incinerator consumer, provide medical incinerator, hospital incinerator, creature incinerators, hog incinerators, pet cremation gear, little incinerator, pet incinerator, animal incinerator, mobile incinerator, little animal incinerator, infectious waste pyrolysis machine, lab incinerator. HICLOVER help customer decrease purchase budget, custom made function, quality products […]
HICLOVER, Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, supply system solutions for medical environmental protection, animal and pet cremation engineering, other municipal solid waste incineration project. We supply single combustion chamber, double combustion chambers, three combustion chambers and multi-combustion chambers waste incinerators for laboratory, clinic, hospital, medical center, hygiene clinical waste destruction with medical disposable, biological waste, medical plastic waste, […]