1. Capacity of damage in weight: 500 kg/h.
2. It must have the ability to run not much less than 8 hours/day
3. This burner must be able to destruct all flammable wastes created by hospitals, private centers, laboratories, institutes, etc.
4. Design Spec: Kinds A, B, C, D, and also E of medical waste.
5. PYROLYTIC combustion, by controlling the gasification of waste.
6. The incinerator needs to prevent the release of black smoke and also fine dust, (Smokeless) during the loadings.
7. It must be able to reduce the volume of wastes by 98%.
8. It needs to have the ability to hold discharge in the 2nd melt with gas house of not much less than 2.
9. The incineration must be completely devoid of noticeable smoke as well as offensive smells.
10. The lower calorific power (L.C.P) of this waste will certainly be 3,500 kcal/kg.
The Temperature levels of combustion: Minimum will certainly be 850oC and also max 1400oC.
Article combustion: >> 1100oC.
11. The Internal diameter of the Smokeshaft: Ø 400 and also its height: 8 m.
12. The Volume of the burning chamber: 1.200 L.
13. The Measurement of the door for loading in cm: 120×× 120.
14. Burner procedure ought to be Automatic On/Off.
15. Fuel: diesel/Gas.
16. The supplier has to supply necessary details for the best of the installment This burner with PYROLYTIC burning need to have:.
17. A combustion chamber of waste:.
* Completely tight door for the hands-on loading of waste. The loading should be Handbook, Set.
* A heater of illumination which the use is limited to the ignition of waste.
* Frontage of packing with door seals risen on hinges, wheel of screw plug, versatile joint, as well as packing insulating out of refractory.
* The insulation of the combustion chamber should be made up of refractory blocks, having a high material of aluminium as well as protects bricks in order to assure a minimum temperature on.
the outside sheet metal.
* Make-up of the refractory;.
Refractory concrete:
. Density: 100 mm
. Nature: 42% of Al203.
Shield in coarse panels:

. Thickness: 75 mm.
Nature: Calcium silicate.
* Burner of illumination of waste, with fuel, conventional mono-bloc casting leading diving flame, lighting and safety and security of electronic ignition, long-term air flow, electro-magnetic sluice entrance of guideline and also isolating valve.
* Plate of combustion in Carborundum, avoiding the fixing of glass as well as slags.

18. A chamber of article burning of gases.
* A heater of combustion of gases,.
* A tool of injection of air enabling a total recombustion of gases,.
* A tool of air inlet of air conditioning of waste gases,.
* A sheath of evacuation of the gases burned.
* Carcass in strong sheet steel with support of connection.
* Make-up of the refractory;.
Refractory concrete:.
Density: 150 mm.
Nature: 65% of Al203.
Protect in fibrous panel:.
Density: 85 mm.
Nature: Calcium.
* Heater with fuel, mono-bloc casting assisting kind with straight flame, lights and safety of electronic ignition, long-term ventilation, electro-magnetic sluice entrance of regulation and isolating shutoff.
* A second injection of air to ensure best oxygen material.
19. A control box making certain the total cycle of combustion.
20. An Air pollution control tool attached to the flue chimney must be attached to stop.
unneeded retreat of contaminants

21. Fan:.
* Electro-ventilator distributing the second air, the policy of the air flow being executed by valves as well as following the control of the automated cycle.
22. Controls and also laws:.
Control box watertight to dust, including:

* A button circuit breaker for every engine (ventilators as well as heaters).
* A timer with flexible temporization for the guideline of each burner.
* A regulatory authority with watch for the temperature level of burning.
* A regulatory authority with digital watching for the temperature of post combustion.
* Electric box.

21. The de- ashing must be done in the bottom of the combustion chamber or the deashing must be Automatic or hand-operated set de ashing.
22. Refine Filtering system: Scruber to be mentionned as optional.
23. Discharge Requirements Conformity: BS 3316 or équivalent criterion.
23. Capability to treat Plastic: Not much less than 40% by weight.
24. CE Production Compliance: BS EN 746-2-1997

23. The provider should give batches of extra components of very first urgency as well as consumable of the incinerator.
24. The installed incinerator should bear a one year guarantee.
25. The vendor will execute an onsite installation of the burner.
25. The technical training of drivers will certainly need to be supplied and also given by a service technician from the manufacturing facility; it will certainly consist of medicinal and also preventive maintenance, and also making use of maker, etc

NB.: Civil jobs and also any kind of other associated services for the setup and also training of operators must be included in the burner s cost.