blaze biohazard waste

a burner which can melting in between 3 to 5 tonnes per day of mixed waste items, plastics, rubber, flammable putrescible waste, medical waste, rubber tires, paper and also cardboard, textiles, eco-friendly hardwood waste etc. As several of the waste products will have non-flammable solids, the incinerator should be capable of drawing out those products possibly by means of a rotary kiln process. We are however open up to pointers on the problem of the rotary kiln service as you may have various other services available.

It is not meant to use any type of fuel, such as oil or diesel, to promote the burning of the waste, as the waste items are called for to be blazed making use of a totally free burning process. Hot air nevertheless from a downstream process will be available to boost the incinerator temperature as well as burning rate as needed. Very heats in the burner are not essential and also are not required.

The burning of the waste products is expected to create toxic exhausts which will certainly be cleansed using various other existing downstream processes and an Article Combustion procedure in the incinerator is consequently not needed.

The burner should be capable of fitting an automated waste feed process.We are seeking incinerator to incinerate biohazard waste of our microbiology lab. Our day-to-day waste production is upto 20 Kg maximum and incinerator will certainly be called for on regular basis that is 1 or 2 times a week so you are as a result asked for to kindly suggest the suitable incinerator for our lab which shall be affordable for us concerning investing in as well as upkeep cost.